Imported Hardwood

Do to the fact we, at Tech-Western, focus so much on top quality work and integrity it only makes sense that we work with top quality materials.  In the case of hardwood we specialize in importing the best hardwood in the world, exotic Brazilian hardwood.  This hardwood is as beautiful as hardwood get's but it wears like iron.  It is not a synthetic look alike, but instead real hardwood that will outlast red wood five to one.  If you have a deck or other hardwood project in your future, make it with the best hardwood and make it your last.



Ipe is a hardwood from the Brazilian rain forest that is so dense that it often needs to be predrilled before pieces are connected. Some compare its strength to that of steel. Ipe can last more then 25 years outdoors and is mold, fire, weather and pest-resistant (scratch resistant). This is the wood we installed for all the seating at Red Rocks.Cumaru

Brazilian RedwoodTigerwoodCambara


Also known as Brazilian Walnut. Cumaru is a lower cost alternative to IPE. It's color ranges from rich russet to a classic reddish-brown. Cumaru is extremely rugged and has been used to build piers and boardwalks.

Brazilian Redwood 

A fine, relatively straight-grained wood with a beautiful, consistent color that ranges from light to dark reddish-brown with occasional dark stripes. It is highly resistant to moisture absorption, decay, fungi, and termites.


Stands out for it's resistance to checking and it's smooth finish. The black stripes give it it's common name.


Also known as Brazilian Mahogany. This wood has a medium to coarser texture for a more casual look. Ranging from pale pinkish-brown to brown tinged with maroon and light red. It blends well with cedar and is an excellent substitute for common redwood.

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