When the world renowned Red Rocks Amphitheater needed to replace the wood seating, they contacted Tech-Western.  Do to our expertise in importing and building with exotic hardwood we were a perfect fit. Learn More

In Germany they build houses a little different...  After being contacted by a German building company interested in bringing their technologies to the US, they decided Tech-Western was a perfect fit to partner with do to our expertise in energy efficient building. Learn More

The Denver Partnership and South West Airlines put on a skating rink and basketball court every year on 16th street mall in Denver, CO. After being a sub contractor in 2010, the partnership was so impressed with our work and dedication they made Tech-Western the general contractor every year since. Learn More

When a long time client contacted us to import exotic hardwood for a pressure testing room, we bid on the project in order to build it.  The client was so happy with the outcome they had Tech-Western build a second one in North Dakota. Learn More

When the HOA at Wadley Farms needed to expand their lake and build 3 new docks, they new just who to contact for this challenging and unique project. The out come was a night and day difference for the residence on the lake. Learn More

The Avanza grocery chain (which was later bought by Lowe's Mercado) wanted to turn an abandoned bowling ally into a grocery store in 6 months. Tech-Western was the perfect company for the job meeting the aggressive dead line on time without cutting any corners. Learn More

When a homeowner had a need to expand their underground basement they did their research and thru several recommendations contacted Tech-Western for the job. The home owner was so delighted with the final product they have since called us back several times with new projects. Learn More

After several recommendations a homeowner contacted us to fix a sagging deck. After a few days on the job the homeowner decided to change the project and add a walk-out form the basement. This was no problem for Tech-Western, and the homeowner was very pleased with the final out come. Learn More...

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